Extreme Taxidermy

Notable Mounts

Notable Mounts

Extreme Taxidermy was privileged to be chosen to do all the mounts featured here, which were the 1st place winners in their respective categories at the annual AFGA provincial awards,with the year taken & official score listed.

2001-Grizzly-23 13/16
Taken by-Al Keats

Taken by-Ross Lyons

2001-Non Typ. Elk-Bow kill-367
Taken by – Rylan Kerbes

2006-Whitetail Non.Typ.-258 4/8
Taken by-Blair Cote

2007-Whitetail Non.Typ.-276 1/8
Taken by- Helgie Eymundson

2010-Whitetail Typ.-180 2/8
Taken by-Tyler Massner

2015-Whitetail-Non.Typ.-209 2/8
Taken by-Richard Edwards

2015-Mule Deer-Non.Typ.-230 6/8
Taken by-Troy Stebanuk

2016-Whitetail Non.Typ.-222 2/8
Taken by-David Futoransky

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